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Renowned for their vertical loadbearing capabilities, Universal Columns are designed to be used as columns, but they also are an excellent choice as loadbearing members in projects with limited height. While Universal Columns and Universal Beams look somewhat similar, they have different qualities and applications. Find high quality Universal Columns for your project with KI Metals. Universal Columns are also known as UCs, RSJs, I-sections, H-sections, H-beams, and girders. The square shape of our Universal Columns helps prevent twisting and weaving and increases their sturdiness. We offer Universal Columns in a variety of popular sizes, but if your project requires bespoke columns, we have the equipment, skills, and experience to deliver the columns you need, when you need them. Add reliable stability and support to your construction projects with Universal Columns from KI Metals. Order columns according to size and weight as found below or contact us for further assistance with your unique specifications.

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152.4 x 152.2 x 23kg, 157.6 x 152.9 x 30kg, 161.8 x 154.4 x 37kg, 203.2 x 203.6 x 46.1kg, 205.8 x 205.8 x 60kg, 206.2 x 204.3 x 52kg, 215.8 x 206.4 x 71kg, 222.2 x 209.1 x 86.1kg, 254.1 x 254.6 x 73.1kg, 260.3 x 256.3 x 88.9kg, 266.7 x 258.8 x 107.1kg, 276.3 x 261.3 x 132.0kg, 289.1 x 265.2 x 167.1kg, 307.9 x 305.3 x 96.9kg, 314.5 x 307.4 x 117.9kg, 320.5 x 309.2 x 136.9kg


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