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Key Clamp High-Quality Key Clamps Fittings designed for home and industrial use.
  • All our key clamps are Galvanized to British and European standards and TUV certified.
  • Tube clamps, Pipe clamp, Inter clamp, etc compatible.
  • Key item for making safety railings, barriers, furniture, handrails, etc.
Fitting Type:
101 Short Tee
104 Long Tee
116 Corner Through
119 Cross 2 Socket
125 – 90 Degree Elbow Corner
2.5MM, 3MM, 4MM or 5MM
128 3 Way Corner Elbow
Wall Plate Base Flange – 131
132 Floor Base Plate Flange
Plastic End Cap
Clamp Add On Tee
Gate Hinge Eye
Gate Hinge Pin
Handrail Bracket Support
Swivel Short Tee
External Joiner Sleeve
Internal Joiner
Centre Cross 4 Way
Clamp On Crossover
Combination Tee / Crossover
Double Swivel
Double Swivel Male
Corner Double Swivel
Swivel Flange
Single Panel Clip
Double Panel Clip
Single Swivel
Male Part
Female Part
Degree Elbow
Adjustable Elbow
Adjustable Long Tee
Adjustable Tee
Adjustable Cross
Ground Socket (Concrete In)
Vertical Post Support
Horizontal Post Support
Side Palm Fixing
Internal Swivel Tee
Slope / Ramp Base
Slope / Ramp Short Tee
Slope / Ramp Elbow
Slope / Ramp Tee
Slope / Ramp Cross
Clamp Over Tee
Clamp Cross Over
40-70 Degree Elbow
1m Tube
2x 1m Tube
1.6m Tube
2x 1.6m Tube
3x 1.6m Tube
4x 1.6m Tube
3.2m Tube
2x 3.2m Tube
3x 3.2m Tube
4x 3.2m Tube
Handrailing Size:
27mm OD Tube A27
34mm OD Tube B34
42mm OD Tube C42
48mm OD Tube D48 (Scaffold)
42mm – 34mm Reducing
60mm OD Tube E60

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We ship all items with length of 1500mm will be shipped in 48 hours Service. Items over 1500mm are handled by a 48 Hours. Please note that certain postcodes may have restrictions on shipping, such as the Highlands and Islands. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional information

Approximately Weight N/A
Handrailing Size

27mm OD Tube A27, 34mm OD Tube B34, 42mm OD Tube C42, 42mm – 34mm Reducing, 48mm OD Tube D48, 60mm OD Tube E60

Fitting Type

1m Tube, 1.6m Tube, 2x 3.2m Tube, 2x 1m Tube, 2x 1.6m Tube, 3x 3.2m Tube, 3x 1.6m Tube, 3.2m Tube, 4x 3.2m Tube, 4x 1.6m Tube, 101 Short Tee, 104 Long Tee, 116 Corner Through, 119 Cross 2 Socket, 123 40-70 Degree Elbow, 124 – 15 – 60 Degree Elbow, 125 – 90 Degree Elbow Corner, 125H Adjustable Elbow, 128 3 Way Corner Elbow, 129 Adjustable Tee, 130 Adjustable Cross, 131 Wall Plate Base Flange, 132 Floor Base Plate Flange, 133 Plastic End Cap, 134 Ground Socket (Concrete In…, 135 Clamp Add On Tee, 136 Clamp Over Tee, 137 Clamp Cross Over, 138 Gate Hinge Eye, 140 Gate Hinge Pin, 143 Handrail Bracket Support, 144 Vertical Post Support, 145 Horizontal Post Support, 146 Side Palm Fixing, 147 Internal Swivel Tee, 148 Swivel Short Tee, 149 External Joiner Sleeve, 150 Internal Joiner, 152 Slope / Ramp Base, 153 Slope / Ramp Short Tee, 154 Slope / Ramp Elbow, 155 Slope / Ramp Tee, 156 Slope / Ramp Cross, 158 Centre Cross 4 Way, 160 Clamp On Crossover, 161 Crossover, 165 Combination Tee / Crossover, 167 Double Swivel, 167M Double Swivel Male, 168 Corner Double Swivel, 169 Swivel Flange, 169M, 170 Single Panel Clip, 171 Double Panel Clip, 173 Single Swivel, 173 Male Part, 173 Female Part


KIM238, KIM39997, KIM39998, KIM39999, KIM40000, KIM40001, KIM40002, KIM40003, KIM40004, KIM40005, KIM40006, KIM40007, KIM40008, KIM40009, KIM40010, KIM40011, KIM40012, KIM40013, KIM40014, KIM40015, KIM40016, KIM40017, KIM40018, KIM40019, KIM40020, KIM40021, KIM40022, KIM40023, KIM40024, KIM40025, KIM40026, KIM40027, KIM40028, KIM40029, KIM40030, KIM40031, KIM40032, KIM40033, KIM40034, KIM40035, KIM40036, KIM40038, KIM40039, KIM40040, KIM40041, KIM40042, KIM40043, KIM40044, KIM40045, KIM40046, KIM40047, KIM40048, KIM40049, KIM40050, KIM40051, KIM40052, KIM40054, KIM40055, KIM40056, KIM40057, KIM40074, KIM40086, KIM40087, KIM40088, KIM40089, KIM40090, KIM40091, KIM40092, KIM40093, KIM40094, KIM40095, KIM40096, KIM40097, KIM40098, KIM40100, KIM40101, KIM40102, KIM40103, KIM40104, KIM40105, KIM40106, KIM40107, KIM40108, KIM40109, KIM40110, KIM40111, KIM40112, KIM40113, KIM40114, KIM40115, KIM40116, KIM40117, KIM40118, KIM40119, KIM40157, KIM40158, KIM40159, KIM40160, KIM40161, KIM40162, KIM40163, KIM40164, KIM40165, KIM40166, KIM40167, KIM40168, KIM40169, KIM40170, KIM40171, KIM40172, KIM40173, KIM40174, KIM40175, KIM40176, KIM40177, KIM40178, KIM40179, KIM40180, KIM40181, KIM40182, KIM40183, KIM40184, KIM40185, KIM40186, KIM40187, KIM40188, KIM40189, KIM40190, KIM40191, KIM40192, KIM40193, KIM40194, KIM40195, KIM40196, KIM40197, KIM40198, KIM40199, KIM40200, KIM40201, KIM40202, KIM40203, KIM40204, KIM40205, KIM40206, KIM40207, KIM40208, KIM40209, KIM40210, KIM40211, KIM40212, KIM40213, KIM40214, KIM40215, KIM40216, KIM40217, KIM40218, KIM40219, KIM40220, KIM40221, KIM40222, KIM40223, KIM40224, KIM40225, KIM40226, KIM40227, KIM40228, KIM40229, KIM40230, KIM40231, KIM40232, KIM40233, KIM40234, KIM40235, KIM40236, KIM40237, KIM40239, KIM40240, KIM40241, KIM40242, KIM40243, KIM40244, KIM40245, KIM40246, KIM40247, KIM40248, KIM40249, KIM40250, KIM40251, KIM40252, KIM40253, KIM40254, KIM40255, KIM40256, KIM40257, KIM40258, KIM40259, KIM40260, KIM40261, KIM40262, KIM40263, KIM40264, KIM40265, KIM40266, KIM40267, KIM40268, KIM40269, KIM40270, KIM40271, KIM40272, KIM40273, KIM40274, KIM40275, KIM40276, KIM40277, KIM40278, KIM40279, KIM40280, KIM40281, KIM40282, KIM40283, KIM40284, KIM40285, KIM40286, KIM40287, KIM40288, KIM40289, KIM40290, KIM40291, KIM40292, KIM40293, KIM4099


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